Age UK Essex – Official Chelmsford handover

Today’s the day! On the 24th of November our Director Karen and Office Manager Jo took our carefully knitted hats to the Age UK Essex head office in Chelmsford, adding to their total of over 8,000 for their winter quota. Our hats will be hitting supermarket shelves adorning Innocent smoothie bottles in the winter months of 2017/18, and it’s great to know they’re going to such a good cause! The handover included all of our hats, plus a few new additions from our Office Manager while she’s been on annual leave, alongside a collection of around 20 ‘Twiddle Muffs’ – Knitted cuffs designed for the busy and fiddly hands of people living with dementia. We’re so pleased to have been able to contribute to this project as a team, and as there is another quota coming up in Summer… Who knows what we might make, or knit, in the coming months!