Bright Selection in partnership with Excelcare take part in the Virtual Dementia Tour

Bright Selection are very pleased to be working in partnership with Excelcare to help train our team in understanding dementia and how it can affect those suffering with the condition. The Virtual Dementia Tour is coming to Colchester on Tuesday 15th March and the staff of St Fillans Care Centre and Bright Selection will, under guidance from professionals, have the opportunity to experience what it is like to live with dementia. As a Recruitment Consultancy we work with many Groups, Homes & Home Managers that provide dedicated dementia care and as a result we feel that it is really important that our consultants have an understanding of what care is required and provided. Below is the day’s summary from each of our team members, so take a look at their perspective on the experience;

Bright Selection VDT Recruitment Healthcare St FillansJulie

Still reeling from completing the Virtual Dementia Tour! The look into the world of someone living with dementia was hard to endure and that was with the comfort of knowing it was only for 8 minutes. The practical session gave me an invaluable insight into the range of emotions that you must feel when your senses are impaired by the disease. The course is structured in such a way that not only do you get to experience the sensations yourself but you also get to view the reactions of others on the course. The Debrief afterwards was highly informative, covering more of the theory and anatomy of the disease and also provided a chance to ask as much as you wanted to about what you had experienced. It also enabled us to gain an understanding about how caregivers can change their way of working to minimise resident’s distress and anxiety and how to engage more positively

I really believe this course is essential for anyone working within, or alongside, the care industry and equally for anyone that has loved ones affected by the disease. Yet again I felt the utmost respect and pride for the many brilliant professionals working at all levels within this sector who are often not recognised for the dedication and compassion they show on a daily basis as part of their roles.


The virtual dementia tour was possibly the strangest sensory, or lack thereof, experience that I have been through. It is extraordinary to imagine that someone with stage 4 to 6 Alzheimer’s can experience that level of distortion to what they can hear and therefore understand. The way the course was run was excellent, giving us the opportunity to both take part and observe others which gave a fantastic overview of what information we missed. I truly feel that I have been given a small glimpse into what it may be like to suffer from this disease and I hope that I will be more appreciative of those who are living with dementia and more supportive to my friends who I know have parents who have dementia.

VDT Bright Selection Healthcare Homecare Care homeCatherine

I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Virtual Dementia Tour, it really did give me an insight into the daily challenges people living with dementia have to overcome. Having your senses that you rely on every day taken away or even just slightly obscured was terrifying in itself.

Taking part in the training really has made me think differently, and due to my already having an interest in dementia this has made me want to learn more and want to help in any way I can.


An interesting 3 hours of team building and insight! It was also great to undertake training alongside care professionals from Excelcare and Home Instead. Today’s training session was a great opportunity to gain a more personal experience of dementia and how it can impact on your senses and everyday abilities that we take for granted. The Debrief on behaviour and practical suggestions on how to best support people with dementia was also really useful. Today reminded me that the role of the care professional in a dementia setting is one that requires great compassion, creativity and quick thinking to help someone have a good day; I have nothing but respect for the professionals that deliver this every day; thank you.


Wow – Just finished my Virtual Dementia Tour and what an insight into such a terrifying illness. This is an experience which has taken 17 years to research and illustrates perfectly what it is like to see/hear/feel/experience the simplest of tasks whilst living with Dementia. It was 8 minutes of my life I’ll never forget and one I would recommend highly to others in the care sector, at all levels!

Bright Selection VDT Homecare Carehome RecruitmentOscar

There is nothing quite like the Virtual Dementia Tour experience; not only in a physical sense but the level of emotional understanding that comes attached to the course. The practical element of the training can be somewhat overwhelming but in a necessary sense – the overriding feeling always seemed to be an intentional sense of confusion and disassociation with every day life. The Debrief afterwards was particularly informative and useful. The VDT is the sort of experience that has left me wondering how I can spread this knowledge and how I can let others know that passive changes in behaviour can really impact on those individuals living with dementia. It isn’t until you get to thinking about it that you realise how, in all aspects of life, you are likely to come across someone living with dementia and after attending the VDT I now feel much better equipped to put them at ease and help them in the best way possible.

Bright Selection VDT Healthcare Recruitment Care homeNeil

I thought that the tour was a wonderful and amazing (if not sometimes scary) insight into what it is like to live with dementia. Having worked in the sector for a number of years you do gain a certain amount of knowledge – but nothing quite like this. Having all your senses altered to mirror what it must be like to live with dementia – the sense of loneliness, emptiness and confusion was something to behold. I will most definitely take a lot away from the Virtual Dementia Tour both in a professional and personal sense.


I really enjoyed the Virtual Dementia Tour; I found it really gave me perspective into the lives of people who live with Dementia. I read a lot about the illness before attending the VDT but I quickly realised that the theory side of it can only teach you so much. Experiencing what they are actually feeling, seeing and hearing is actually in some ways quite scary and it was certainly shocking. Nothing can prepare you for limiting the senses you rely on every day, but I feel like I have learnt so much more from this experience than I could have ever read about, and I am really glad I took part.


I was a little unsure what to expect heading to St Fillans for the VDT this week.  From the minute we walked into the room our reception was quite cold, and interaction was minimal, brash and actually felt rather rude. The experience was eye opening albeit traumatic.  As well as experiencing first-hand what living with dementia can be like, we were also given the opportunity to watch our colleagues go through the experience which I personally found quite upsetting.  It was astonishing how much people’s characters, personality’s and behaviour changed from the moment the tour started.