Catherine Martin & Patrick Cullen attend The Alzheimer’s Show 2016;

On the 10th of June, our consultants Catherine Martin & Patrick Cullen attended The Alzheimer’s Show 2016, held at the Olympia London. Take a look at their thoughts on the day;


Having not been to The Alzheimer’s Show before I was not sure what to expect but I thoroughly enjoyed it! I found it really informative and was able to listen to people & professionals wanting to make a difference, and people who have a real passion for the care of people living with Dementia.

There were two things that particularly stood out to me on the day; the first was listening to the absolutely inspirational Keith Oliver. On New Year’s Eve 2010 Keith’s life changed dramatically when a suspected diagnosis of dementia, in his case Alzheimer’s disease, was confirmed. Between January and April 2011 Keith came to terms with his diagnosis and was determined to fill the vacuum created in his life by having to take early retirement at 55. Keith is now living well with dementia and uses his energy, drive and skills to make a contribution towards public awareness around dementias, working closely with Kent & Medway NHS Trust.

The other moment that was particularly memorable was a quote from Professor Martin Green of Care England; “social care has a brilliant story, but it is not told enough”. For me, this sums up everything I believe of the health & social care industry; we need to switch our focus from the negatives of the industry that are frequently picked up by the media to the fabulous things that are constantly happening in care homes up and down the country.

I also bought the book Our Dementia Diary: Irene, Alzheimer’s and Me by author Rachael Dixey, who was at the event. I can’t wait to read it and I am sure many others in the team will also want to take a look!

All in all it was a fantastic day. There were some really informative speeches, wonderful & passionate people, and as an added bonus I managed to meet some of our clients from Sunrise Senior Living! I really hope I’ll have the opportunity to attend next year!


Catherine and I attended The Alzheimer’s Show at Olympia London on the 10th to learn more about the condition from the people who understand it best, and I came away from the event feeling enlightened and engaged! The highlight of the day for me were the speeches. Some of these were given by speakers who had people living with Alzheimer’s on stage with them, and one was actually given by someone who lives with Alzheimer’s. This helped paint a very real picture of how people with Alzheimer’s live their lives, as it is one thing to have someone tell you about the disease but another thing altogether to have people there who experience it first-hand. In addition, we watched a fantastic play performed by professional actors telling a real story about two families with loved ones living with dementia, and again this really helped me appreciate how it affects not just people living with dementia, but the people closest to them as well.

I was also fortunate to be able to attend a Dementia Friends session which, if you don’t know, is an information session normally run by volunteer dementia champions who are supported by the Alzheimer’s Society. Its purpose is to help people learn more about the condition and the ways in which you can help those who live with it in your daily life. I personally found the session really valuable as I had been thinking about registering online for a while but the practical session really suited my learning style. The session lasted about 40 minutes and involved some activities and discussions around what the disease means to you. Following this we were asked to come up with one action to take away which supports those with dementia and once we had done that we were given a badge (see above) and pronounced official Dementia Friends. It’s a really rewarding experience and one I recommend.

Overall our experience at The Alzheimer’s Show was a great one and I have come away knowing much more about the disease, as well as the strength of the people that live with it and their families, carers, and friends.

There are multiple ways to become a Dementia Friend, whether it is watching an online video or attending an information session. If you want to find out more about this scheme take a look at their website

If you want to find out more about The Alzheimer’s Show, where the conferences are held and on what dates, you can check out their website too