Our relocation from the North Colchester Business Centre to The Courtyard

Last week we said our final goodbyes to the staff at Colbea, who have made us feel so at home for the last five years, to relocate just down the road. Although this is a sad time for us it is also a great step forward, as our new offices are much larger allowing for growth and expansion, and also allow us to make them more our own. Because of this, the weekend move was a huge team effort of coordinating and moving our entire office contents, including tricky desks, awkward chairs and stacks of files, supplemented by several cups of tea and a bacon roll or two!

Of course in the end all went smoothly, and we were unpacked and set up all within about 4 hours, ready to put our best feet forward for the new week ahead. While it is always a shame to leave something behind, the excitement is in what lies ahead – and over the coming months, we’re going to demonstrate to you exactly what’s got us quite so excited!